Constructability Review

Constructability Reviews

Constructability Review is a process of reviewing the drawings and specifications, confirming exactly the client want, and identifying possible obstacles ahead of time which can help prevent errors, delay and additional cost. Constructability may take a bit of extra time and effort, but there are several benefits to this process that make it well worth it.

We perform constructability review and clash detection analysis through project review software like ‘Autodesk Design Review’ & ‘Autodesk Navisworks’. The software application helps us to identify constructability and conflicts and fix them efficiently. Our 3D BIM model prepares efficient and exact construction plans and equipment fabrication and thus helps us make effective evaluating, detecting and reporting of interference clashes. Risk of usual errors done by human in model inspection can be ruled out with our Constructability Review Service easily.

Advantages of Constructability Review:

  • Avoid delays in construction documents errors or omissions
  • Reduces the amount change orders
  • Improves communication among the project team members
  • Improves the project design
  • Provides a better understanding of the construction documents
  • Provides the ability to plan for difficult scope of work, logistically or technologically
  • Provides the ability to plan ahead and pre-assemble components off site.