Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings

During the project, several systems like Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems require to be installed in a structure by many contractors. Coordinated MEP shop drawing allows getting a clear record of action to each contractor. It avoids the problems occurring in project construction to the contractors.

The drawing which is required for pre-fabricated components like structural steel, trusses, windows, elevators, cabinets, mill-work, appliancesĀ  and air handling units and produced by contractor, manufacturer, supplier, fabricator or sub-contractors is Shop Drawing.

MEP Shop Drawings

A combined 3D model of the construction project by combining all architectural, structural and trades shop drawings is MEP Shop Drawing. It avoids waste of time and money. It enhances accuracy of the building design and delivery process.

CATT provides the best MEP Shop Drawings from single to double line diagram, specifying dimension and elevation. Our Drawings follow specific color code which makes further developments easier.

HVAC Shop Drawings

Our Team is very familiar with HVAC Shop Drawings and also Sheet Metal drawings which are vital for the success of the project.