Redline Markups

Redline Markups

CATT has specialized professionals for conversion of Redline markups to high quality cad drawing within the stipulated time. Redline markups are involved when the drawings are redrafted from scratches or incorporated markups. Existing CAD Files can be modified as per the markups to get the best output with the markups incorporated.

Our Team is specialized in Hardcopy Redline markups and Electronic Redline markups Conversion.

CATT in Hardcopy Redline Markups

Our Team is expertise in hardcopy Redrafting process. We can give you the best output for the existing hardcopies with Redlines markups.

CATT in Electronic Redline Markups

We have a separate experts panel for conversion of existing electronic AutoCAD, Revit and Microstation cad files. We are specialized in updating the redline markups to the existing AutoCAD, Revit and Microstation files.

Our team is keen about detailed documentation of changes made in the CAD existing files so that it would become easy for u as well as us regarding the redline markups incorporation in the final output files.