Architect Industry

Architectural BIM services

CATT Projects is the one stop solution for all architectural Building information modeling requirements. Our Expertise’s team is well aware of the several benefits that a BIM-based design offer. As a result, we can assure our clients that they will get a perfect outcome in the most innovative way.

The architectural BIM modeling services provided by us includes all the areas like creating building information models from sketches, CAD drawings, documentation in BIM, analysis, and content creation. We work as per client requirement through schematic and systematic design to design development and construction documentation.

Why CATT for BIM Architecture

We provide customized Architectural Building Information modeling (BIM) services as per the client’s requirements. Clients directly interact with our team assisting them to analyze the model as per their requirements in their deadline and budget. Ultimately clients get best BIM architectural design services more than their expectations.

How CATT Handles BIM Architecture

Catt Projects handles BIM architectural services in a very methodical manner starting from schematic designing to final documentation.

Schematic Design

  • Exterior view of the building
  • Interior view of the building
  • 3D Visualization
  • Intelligent libraries for different building components with various styles and specifications

 Design Development

  • Elevations
  • Floor plans
  • Building schemes
  • Information on material specifications, quantities, time schedules, and costs

 Construction Document

  • Building Sections
  • Staircase/Vertical Circulation details
  • Construction details